Friday, February 11, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

We are making an attempt to eat food that is actually good for us and the ground and place it comes from. Organic or natural is always preferred. This is why we grow food in our yard, we know where it comes from. This is another reason why we hunt wild game. I have harvested large and small game animals and birds over the years. We respect what we eat and we do not waste what we take. We support conservationist efforts in our State and nation. The food is natural and definitely "FREE RANGE" living the way it is supposed to live until the end of its life. We go get the game, field dress it, bring it home and process and store it ourselves. We think this is a very authentic and honest way to provide our food.

In Arizona we must enter a draw to try and get a permit to shoot big game animals with firearms and some archery permits. Some people do not get drawn for years. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing for some. So this year we increased our odds by having both husband and wife apply for permits. In times past someone did not take the time to train someone else (who WAS DRAWN) in the accurate use of a high-powered firearm. It is a good thing that the experience was not being videotaped. The should have been trainer was not always the good person he should have been. If she gets selected this year she will receive a lot of patient, thoughtful, dutiful instruction. I promise. We will keep you posted. Check out the older post of the Elk Tenderloin Roast to see why we hunt.

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