Friday, February 18, 2011

Hunter-Gather Health Care Plan

Yeah, take some time and consider what is being communicated here. The current debate about health care, and who pays for it is MISPLACED. There is room in between these two women for someone not down on her knees in adoration of the ideal, but rather someone simply living her life the way she was designed to experience it. This would be in an active lifestyle of growing, gathering, foraging, hunting, preparing, moving... you get the picture. This activity would be legitimate moving around for the purpose of maintaining nutrition and standard metabolic functions. Personally, we take no prescription medications, we seldom ever see a health care professional, we feel good, we do not experience the manifold "dysfunctions" advertised on the  nightly news programs, and our health care costs are primarily non-monetary. Our "costs" are the time it takes to plant, grow, hunt, prepare, and enjoy part of what we eat.  Additional costs are walking on varied natural terrain up and down hills,  lifting heavy things, resting when we need to, and not putting garbage into our bodies. And we seek to understand our lives, enjoy our time on earth in simple ways, and share life with others. Maybe we just are not sophisticated enough to understand all of the "real" problems related to the Health Care Crisis - maybe.

What makes more sense, digging/lifting/reaching/raking/walking/carrying/dragging  outdoor activities to put food on the table, OR walking very short distances into the grocery store and back to the car, to the fridge, or sitting on ones ass in the fast food lane in order to eat  caloric dense "food" of suspect origin, content, and preparation.

Here are some articles and abstracts about how to regain health in authentic ways in natural settings. Picture yourself up and about, sweating, a bit dirty, maybe even sore sometimes - but healthy. - Portugal

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