Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Fruit Philosophy

                   Here are some before and after pics of our figs.  They look like little soldiers in the before pictures.  In the after photo they are mixed with frozen blueberries and some of our gleaned pecans. The figs and blueberries are covered with unsweetened full cream coconut milk. The coconut milk turns into ice cream when it comes into contact with the frozen berries. The figs add a chewy texture and the pecans a crunch factor. The blueberries and figs have lower Total Metabolic Fructose Loads so they are better fruits to eat. Apples have over 3 times the TMF load of the figs and the blueberries are almost as good as the figs. The excellent fat in the coconut milk is a good balance for the fruit sugar. This is a dessert you need to make - and eat.

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