Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dandelion Greens & Bok Choy

Here are before and after pics of lunch. The before includes freshly picked dandelion greens and bok choy. It is difficult to do any better than the nutrition found in dandelion greens. Most of these came from one of our backyard garden plots. Why throw away what some people pay $9.00 per pound for? When sauteed the very mild bitterness of early season dandelion disappears. These greens pair well with the bok choy. Both were sauteed in butter, and I added half of a small avocado and a sliced hard boiled egg. This is a balanced meal of good carbs, protein, and the fat of the avocado. Everything is covered with Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning.
See these links for the use of dandelion greens:


  1. I remember you picking dandelions in our yard when we were kids to make tea with!

  2. Would you mind sharing how you grow your greens? Did you just get some seed from some growing wild in the yard or buy seed from somewhere? I have some of what I think is dandelion greens out back growing wild but I'm not sure. Kind of unsure to try it...

  3. Hello nicole. We had some dandelions land their seeds in one of our raised planer spaces. We do not use any chemicals on our lawn so I suppose we could use those young leaves. A safe way to get these nutritious leaves would be to plant seeds in containers.Here is a link that may be helpful.

    I noticed that you can get them on also. Let us know how it goes.