Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Roasted Elk Tenderloin

About one year ago we experienced some major gathering - I shot my third elk. We are still eating this meat.  My friend Neil traveled from the Show Me State to go on this hunt in the mountains of north central Arizona. He helped me field dress the elk, and then butcher it late into the night when we got it back to our home. We are convinced that it is best to prepare wild game ourselves. We know how the meat is handled and how it is packaged for the freezer. The cuts, roasts and ground meat servings are portioned the way we like to use them. We also believe there is an "honesty" to following through on the process from field to table. This is the tenderloin that was wrapped in bacon, roasted, and served with sauteed mushrooms and covered with gravy.
We were able to share this gathering with friends and neighbors. This wild natural meat has an excellent flavor.

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