Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gathered Grapes & Foraged Wild Juniper Berries

Wild Juniper Berries
Cristy found an inexpensive pork roast for $2.99 per pound. I found a recipe from the United Kingdom that fit our commitment to growing and foraging for our own food. The recipe included grapes, which we grow in our back yard, and juniper berries, which grow on and around our property in the mountains up north. If you look closely you can see the cracked juniper berries on top of the roast. Our grapes are everywhere in the picture. This was a huge roast, and with the assistance of Kyle and our three daughters, we polished off the whole thing in one setting.
It is a personal goal to find a wild boar somewhere so that I can provide the pork. My friend Neil, from KC, Missouri and I are starting to work on this project. He wants to hunt boar with a knife or an atlatl. I prefer something a bit more decisive and in favor of the hunter - so he does not end up being the hunted. Please let us know if you can help Neil or myself locate a hunt able wild boar or wild feral pig. Your assistance will be much appreciated. You can help us butcher and then eat the harvest.


  1. This meal was outstanding. Surprisingly, the grapes and berries went perfect with everything and really complimented the sauce.

  2. Wild boars have started appearing in Iowa. There is a shoot-on-sight order.