Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why we do it.

I suppose we could always post pictures of vegetables, nuts, and other things we have grown/foraged/gleaned/hunted/gathered/caught - but today we are philosophical. There ought to be some underlying purposes to the things we do, the plans we make, and generally the way we live. While our most meaningful "purposes" go much deeper than our commitment to a more "primitive" lifestyle, it is one of our philosophical underpinnings.  It is a commitment to a simple and more honest approach to our food and our diet. Scratch cooking using ingredients that we get from very local resources (e.g. our yards, a tree on our street, etc.) combined in a thoughtful and enjoyable manner, leads to good physical, mental and emotional health. If we work hard at this gathering lifestyle we will find that we do not need a gym membership, a multiplicity of doctor visits, or much, if any, psychological counseling therapy. The dirt under our fingernails, the fresh food in our coolers and pantries, and the delicious shared meals on our tables will reveal something from within us that is meaningful, purposeful, creative and real.

I venture to guess that many of you resemble, in some shape or manner, the two fine gentlemen on the left more than you do the individual on the right(see pic above). Keep gathering.

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