Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gleaned Pecans and Dark Belgian Chocolate Over Home Made Ice Cream

When our son Nathaniel was a little guy, after polishing off a big dinner, he would sometimes ask, "Is there any dessert?" Well, unfortunately for him, tonight the answer  is yes. He lives in Virginia and here we are in sunny Arizona enjoying homemade ice cream in January. We now have pecans gathered from an old pecan grove in south Phoenix, and gleaned from a yard in our neighborhood where no one is living in the house. We are rescuing some of these pecans from the landfill. A friend rolled her eyes when she found out we sit in front of a large bowl of pecans and crack and pick for long periods of time. For some folks it is easier to just buy them at the grocery store. But I get to be next to my pretty wife cracking shells, picking fresh pecans - all the while having a pleasant conversation with her.  I prefer the way we are getting our pecans lately.  Pecans, ice cold heavy cream, shaved Belgian dark chocolate and stevia. Click on the pic a couple of times to zoom in on these fresh pecans.

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