Monday, January 10, 2011

Swiss Chard from the Back Yard

Here is a before and after sequence of the Swiss Chard that Cristy grows just off our back patio in some clay pots. We need to find a way to keep the mockingbirds off of these greens. But there is plenty of this white stalked chard to form a bed for eggs with yellow cheddar and Maytag® Blue Cheese shredded and crumbled on top. Kyle, a classmate of Anna, was visiting this morning so we shared this caveman breakfast with him. I told him if he keeps eating wheat based food for breakfast he would grow "man boobs". Hopefully he is listening - he would not look good in any bra cup size!


  1. Thank you, I owe my bra-less chest to your advice.

  2. But in seriousness, this was a fantastic breakfast that I was fortunate to have, not to mention the world-renown blue cheese.