Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Breakfast

We are starting this post with a link because we believe in the nutritional merits of pumpkin. We eat it in soup, in pie, as a custard, with some butter or Earth Balance and some salt - and in other ways. Today for breakfast we had a custard from one of our rescued post-Halloween  pumpkins. Pumpkin alone is good for you, but when you add some eggs for additional protein you are consuming an excellent "primal" meal. The pecans come from our gleaned stash and we top the whole mess with whipped cream. Stevia is the sweetener.

 Viewers will see what appear to be a lot of breakfast dishes on this blog. Breakfast has no time boundaries in our home.  We eat it whenever and often - sort of like Hobbits. We are self-employed and do not always have to rush off in the morning. So we figure we might as well eat something nutritious that looks good. We try and share breakfast with others as often as we can. It gives us pleasure to see others realize that this meal can be "upgraded" and a shared experience.

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