Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vitamin C Naturally

We get citrus from the trees in our yard and the neighborhood from November (the navel oranges) to June (lemons, grapefruits, Arizona Sweets, tangelos). Lemon juice is frozen in cubes for lemonade and baking. We have no problem getting our vitamin C the way it is supposed to come to us - in the context of the minerals, phyto-chemicals and fiber which makes up the rest of the fruit. We also use the peel/rind in various recipes. These lemons came to us from the tree of one of Cristy's client/friends. Jen made lemonade out of them using filtered water and stevia as a sweetener and then took this picture. This is an almost free refreshing and nutritious drink. Later we will show how we make fresh orange icees and smoothies in our Vit-A-Mix blender. If you are interested we will also make some orange ice cream that is actually good for you.

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