Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pumpkin Pancakes - Urban Foraging

OK. We have a lot of ground to cover here. This blog has to do with growing, foraging or gleaning our own food. But it is also about being resourceful so as not to be wasteful. And thirdly, We have made a move to a "primal" lifestyle. Curt prefers the designation of Cave Man. So what does this have to do with pancakes? We rescued this pumpkin from the undignified end of the trash bin - the place where most Halloween or harvest time pumpkins and squash end up. We harvest the seeds for roasting and roast the "meat" and freeze it into manageable portions. How many really nutritious pumpkins and squash go to waste every Fall? The Cave Man and Woman part - these pancakes have no wheat or dairy in them. We do not mind dairy, but this caveman has lost 20 lbs. primarily due to eating almost no wheat and walking and exercising. The pumpkin, eggs, almond meal, and baking powder combine for what we believe to be the finest most nutritious pancakes on the planet. High in protein and balanced "good" carbs. We top them with Earth Balance and have been using a combination of Michigan maple syrup and a light dusting of stevia. In the near future we will be posting some of our pancake recipes. The Cave Man especially likes the butternut squash cakes - the color and texture are exquisite. We also want to experiment with matcha green tea and ground black tea to increase the antioxidant properties of these delightful flat cakes. Check out another eblogger at for the "get off of wheat now" approach. He is a cardiologist that really cares about the health of his readers.   UGH, UGH, you go Cave Man-Woman-Child!

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